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6 Lifestyle Changes for arthritis to reduce joint pain and swelling | Without Operation Treatment in Divine Hospital Rohtak | C.O.T.E

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6 lifestyle modifications for arthritis to reduce joint pain and swelling

What is Arthritis? What type of pain will be there during arthritis?

The swelling and pain of one or more joints are symptoms of arthritis. Joint stiffness and pain are the primary signs of arthritis, and these symptoms often get worse with age. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most prevalent kinds of arthritis.

Cartilage, the tough, slick tissue that covers the ends of bones where they come together to create a joint, deteriorates as a result of osteoarthritis. The immune system targets the joints in rheumatoid arthritis, starting with the lining of the joints.

Knee Exercise By Dr. Anju Nandal Physiotherapist (PT) – Divine Hospital Rohtak

Gout can be brought on by uric acid crystals, which develop when your blood uric acid level is too high. Other forms of arthritis can be brought on by infections or underlying conditions like lupus or psoriasis.

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The type of arthritis and the treatments differ. Treatments for arthritis primarily aim to lessen symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Making certain healthy lifestyle adjustments can help reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness, among other symptoms of arthritis. Here are some advice from professionals.

Living an active lifestyle and eating a healthy food helps reduce arthritis discomfort. Depending on the severity of your disease and the stage you are in, you may need to control the autoimmune disorder that produces inflammation in your joints. While regular exercise is important for arthritis care, excessive physical activity can sometimes be harmful. There are further lifestyle modifications that can improve arthritis sufferers’ quality of life. Weight loss, vitamin supplements, yoga, and anti-inflammatory foods can all help you live better with arthritis. (Read more here: World Arthritis Day 2022: Ayurvedic expert on herbs and treatments for arthritis.)

“Not everyone has arthritis in the same stage. The stage of arthritis can be identified by speaking with an orthopaedic surgeon and taking the proper X-rays, which aids in evaluating the severity of the issue and determining the best course of therapy “Dr. Siddhart Yadav, consultant in orthopaedic and joint replacement surgery, explains.


Divine Hospital’s Dr. R.P. Khatri Rohtak practices extraordinary work in the area of pain management and believes in treatment without surgery. Additionally, he offers six modifications that may lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

  1. Shed pounds / Weight Loss

The most frequent risk factor for developing early osteoarthritis is an overweight body. During some activities, the strain on the knees can be almost three times the body weight. Weight loss can both delay the onset of early arthritis and provide significant pain relief for individuals who are already afflicted.

  1. Change your exercise routine
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Avoid impact-loading activities like jogging, crouching, skipping, and sitting on the floor, and only use western toilets if you have knee pain. This would lessen discomfort and prevent further joint injury from developing.

  1. Consistent exercise

Regular exercise is just as vital as taking medications because strong muscles stabilise the joints and joint movement and are also helpful for the nourishment of the joint surface.

  1. Supplemental Vitamins

Strong bones are a result of vitamin D, while muscles and nerves benefit from vitamin B12. Long-term vitamin insufficiency can also result in early cartilage degradation that leads to arthritis.

  1. Yoga

Yoga indirectly assists by reducing stress and enhancing metabolism. Regular yoga practise raises pain tolerance, which lowers the need for painkillers.

  1. A Balanced Moderate Diet

Diet is crucial and aids in the early healing from arthritis.

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