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WORLD POST DAY 9 October | What is the Importance of World Post Day in World?

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On 9 th October

Every year on October 9, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland, in 1874, World Post Day is observed. World Post Day was established by the UPU Congress, which met in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969. Since then, other nations take part in the festivities every year. The event is used by the Posts in various nations to launch or advertise fresh postal goods and services.

In 2015, nations from all over the world vowed to cooperate in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, which include, among other things, reversing climate change, fighting inequality and injustice, and ending extreme poverty and hunger. By providing infrastructure for development, the Post is participating in this worldwide endeavour and playing a more important role than ever.

The Post is the biggest logistics network in the world. How do these networks quicken the global economy’s shift to a greener economy?

The circular economy may not be a novel idea, but it is now more obvious than ever that we must adhere to its tenets, spread knowledge of the Post’s potential to address the climate catastrophe, and promote general resource mobilisation across sectors.

What the World Post Day Is For ?

The goal of World Post Day is to raise awareness of the postal industry’s importance to businesses and consumers as well as its role in a nation’s social and economic growth. The commemoration urges participating nations to implement programmes designed to raise public and media awareness of their Post’s role and activities on a national level.

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World Post Day is observed annually in more than 150 nations in a number of different ways. World Post Day is commemorated as a working holiday in some nations. The occasion is utilised by many Posts to launch or advertise fresh postal goods and services. On World Post Day, some Posts also give their staff members bonuses for doing a good job.

Philatelic exhibits are held frequently, and fresh stamps and date cancellation marks are released. Posters for World Post Day are displayed at post offices and other public places, mail centres and postal museums are open on open days, conferences, seminars, and workshops are held, and there are also cultural, sporting, and other leisure events. Numerous postal administrations offer unique mementos like T-shirts and badges.

National champions for nations taking part in the UPU International Letter-Writing Competition are frequently recognised on October 9.

Watch video on World Post day and also support this video as well.

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