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Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global | Company Review

Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global

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Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global | Honest Company Review

Papaya Global:

With tomorrow’s technologies, you can master worldwide payroll and payments.
Without removing and replacing anything, upgrade to the world’s first integrated global payroll and payments system. CFOs can gain control of labour expenditure, connect HCM and ERP processes, free up working capital, and access crucial payroll data all from a single platform with Papaya OS with Papaya Global.

History and Story of the company:-

Papaya Global, founded in 2016 by Eynat Guez, Ruben Drong, and Ofer Herman, is (finally!) bringing actual technological innovations to the very conventional world of payroll – and assisting in connecting the many scattered dots between finance, HR, and payroll.

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With this forward-thinking mindset, the company was able to disrupt the space in a variety of ways, from automating what used to be a long list of repetitive manual tasks in hiring, onboarding, and payroll management, to pioneering remote work and global EoR solutions, and finally becoming the first global payroll provider to develop its own native payments platform dedicated to the complex and sensitive nuances of payroll.

Along the process, Papaya Global raised more than $450 million (most recently at a $3.7 billion valuation), became an official partner of Workday, Oracle NetSuite, and other top labour management firms, and received numerous recognitions and awards, including Forbes Cloud 100.

Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global | Company Review
Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global | Company Review

As of 2023, the company employs over 700 people in 21 locations throughout the world, all of whom are working hard to move the world of payroll and payments towards a more efficient and safe future.

Their clients include:

Hong Kong

Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global company
Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payments with Innovative Solutions Papaya Global

Why use Papaya Global :

Streamline your global payroll and payments.
Increase your chances of success.
Everything you need to grow your business is available on a single operating system.

Papaya Global’s Best Capabilities and features:

  1. The quickest time to go live:- Because there are no hidden fees or third-party integrators, you can go live with Papaya’s platform in a few of weeks. You can keep your current payroll partners or work with ours.
  2. Professional Knowledge:- With a staff of local and worldwide specialists who can advise on immigration, benefits, compliance, equity, and much more, our experts give guidance on all elements of global payroll and payments.
  3. Broad Coverage:- Papaya covers more than 160 countries, allowing you to manage your complete workforce through a single panel, from payroll to EoR and contractors. We even deliver your payroll payments in local currencies, conveniently, accurately, and compliantly.
  4. Incorporations and Integrations:- With Papaya’s connectors, you can link leading products like Workday, Netsuite, and many more. Connect your HCM/HRIS, Expenses, T&A, ERP, and other systems to Papaya to consolidate data, processes, and galvanise HR and Finance into a unified ecosystem based on a single source of truth.

Payroll Solutions and Their Varieties | Payroll Systems

Patriot Payroll Solution:-

Patriot Payroll is an integrated human resource (HR) and payroll management solution by Patriot Software that helps to streamline the various processes connected with handling payroll payments and tax submissions.

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What is the purpose of Bambee payroll?

Bambee is the first outsourced human resource compliance solution designed specifically for small enterprises. Bambee Payroll assists your company in solving problems in employee onboarding, conflict resolution, terminations, federal and state HR compliance, and general HR policy and direction with your own dedicated HR Manager and HR Autopilot.

boost productivity and performance with Papaya

Payroll solutions that are integrated-

What exactly is payroll integration? Payroll integration refers to the process of linking your payroll software to other software systems and/or technologies used to manage your workforce. In other words, synchronising payroll and other software to facilitate data flows across those systems so you may obtain all relevant data. These are integrated payroll solutions.

Payroll bamboohr-

Payroll bamboohr is described as a list of all employees that an organisation pays, as well as the salary or hourly rate at which each employee is paid.

Payroll professionals fargo-

What does a payroll firm do?
It include gathering a list of personnel to be paid, tracking hours worked, calculating pay, delivering compensation on time, and recording payroll expenses. In order to get them done, there’s loads of background work necessary because payroll is more than simply about calculating paychecks.

What is the meaning of keka payroll ?

Keka is a cloud-based human resources (HR) tool that assists firms in managing employee profiles, tracking attendance, processing recruitments, and analysing performance. GPS, pulse surveys, document storage, helpdesk, role-based permissions, workflow management, and asset monitoring are among the features.

Ecp payroll-

What is EC-Payroll ? EC Payroll, also known as ECP, is a Payroll Engine supplied in a Hosted Environment (Private/Public Cloud), although the capabilities of the Payroll Engine remain the same as on premise.

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Avanti Payroll Information:

Avanti is a cloud-based payroll, human resources, and workforce management solution for mid-sized Canadian businesses. By reducing manual entry and enhancing efficiency, our end-to-end platform streamlines your workflow and saves you time.

kymberly group payroll solutions inc orlando fl-

Kymberly Group Payroll Solutions is a privately held corporation. The company is currently focused on Financial Services.

knowledge and tech tools of papaya global

tm payroll-

Talent management abbreviation.

What exactly is NBS payroll ?

National Benefit Services, LLC (NBS) is pleased to announce a collaboration with Ameriprise Financial to manage online capabilities for payroll remittance employers. Previously, the only way to pay was to mail, fax, or email a check to nbs payroll.

Meet the Founders of the Papaya Global and Choose the company for your business needs.


Watch the video bellow from youtube.

Meet the Founders of the Papaya Global

FAQ Questions:

12 Questions that most of the companies and people ask.

Papaya Global Saves You Time and Money, So How they Do It?

The modern workplace is evolving. Teams are becoming increasingly global and scattered. (these are not EXACTLY the same, when you think about it). Previously, hiring categories were “full-time” or “part-time.” We now employ phrases like “gig worker,” “digital nomad,” and “Employer of Record.”
The complexity of payroll has increased, but traditional payroll suppliers have not kept up. They are stuck in a previous era that does not meet the needs of modern businesses.
Do you want to centralise your global payroll? You’ll have to replace all of your teammates. It will take a year to see any results. Do you want a rapid snapshot of your worldwide labour spending? Take out your calculator. You’ll be adding things up by hand for months. The legacy payroll companies do not provide a global perspective.
The global payroll technology has failed. So we repaired it.

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When Layoffs Impact Employees on US Work Visas: Rules, Regulations, and Compassion

Responsibility of the Company for Laid-Off Workers with H-1B Visas
The Twitter layoffs came the same week as job losses at other digital behemoths such as Stripe, which took off 1,000 employees, and Lyft, which laid off 700 more – with more to come, including Meta. As the economy deteriorates, this could be just the beginning.
More than 50,000 employees have lost their jobs in the US tech sector so far this year. This statistic will likely include a considerable number of persons on H-1B visas, which are reserved for highly qualified workers. The technology sector attracts a disproportionate number of highly trained foreign workers. For example, at Twitter, approximately 8% of the employees (pre-layoffs) were H-1B visa holders.

How do you deliver worldwide services?

Our crew is here to help and accommodate our users all over the world. We will make every attempt to resolve any issues you may be experiencing as soon as possible and will keep you posted on our progress.
Please provide as much information as possible, including workshops and screenshots, so that we can reproduce the issue if necessary.

Commonly Asked Question and their answers
1. Why do you collaborate with worldwide providers rather than delivering direct services?We choose not to provide services because we believe that this is how our customers get the best of both worlds – by developing technology that can be monitored, track compliance, and automate many of the processes, we can assure you that we are partnering with the best and most knowledgeable resources globally, and enabling our SLA and automation processes, while ensuring we represent our clients’ best interests in our relationships with our suppliers.
2. How come Papaya can give a set model pricing when others charge much more for the same services?We believe that the global workforce will continue to grow as you do. When we established Papaya, we wanted to make sure that we could create an economical price model while also offering our clients with a great platform to handle their global demands. We may cut operational expenses while enhancing customer value by automating various manual procedures that are required along the route (data collection, data verification, billing, and so on).
3. What is the price of the Papaya software?Our software is an essential component of how we provide services to our clients. As a result, the cost of software is included in the cost of service. We aim to make sure that our pricing is straightforward enough to meet all of your demands.
4. What if I want to use Papaya’s platform while continuing to use my current payroll provider?If you have a good working connection with a supplier, keep it!
We are always excited to welcome new suppliers to our platform and onboarding procedures. We perform due diligence on your supplier to ensure that no manual data is used and to train them on what it takes to operate with us. Onboarding takes fewer than three working days on average.
We will only charge a software licencing fee per site if you enrol your own vendors.
5. How will the data be sent to Papaya’s platform?We do not use APIs with our suppliers, and we always ensure that data is automatically uploaded to our platform. We map the data items with the supplier to build their accounting codes and dedicated data items the customer would like to view in the reports when we onboard a new client and a new location. The ongoing cycle data is uploaded and downloaded to and from our platform based on user permission, and we generate automatic reports based on the supplier’s source files to reflect a single dashboard and view in our platform.
  • Could you tell me about your privacy concerns?
    We take privacy very seriously because we recognise that payroll data contains some of the most sensitive information in an organisation. We are all about GDPR, and we have an in-house CLO and CSO to ensure we are constantly in compliance.
  • We are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27701:2019 certified, and we use single sign on procedures.
  • We never send critical information, such as your employee’s personal information, by email. Everything is uploaded to our platform and only authorised people can download it.
  • Is Papaya Global adaptable to the needs of my organisation?
    Papaya’s platform is a SaaS platform, which means there is no need to install anything locally, and no integration or additional expenditures are necessary. Papaya offers a wide range of integrations, from HRIS integrations (WorkDay, Success Factors, and others) to expense management systems (Expensify, Concur, and others) to ERP software. (as NetSuite and SAP).
  • We can also export data from several payroll suppliers such as Trinet, Guesto, and others to incorporate into our reports on a monthly basis.
  • Another essential adjustable feature is the ability to accommodate company-specific data demands such as worker IDs, cost units, salary components, and more.
  • What are the benefits for our employees/workers?
    Being a remote worker can make you feel a little out of the loop because the HR staff is not as easily accessible, and most finance and operations responsibilities are outsourced, making it difficult to grasp who is in charge of your personal difficulties as a worker.
  • Workers can access their payslips, PTO and time tracking reporting tools, and a supportive atmosphere to address any questions about benefits, personal concerns, and so on through the Papaya personal worker portal.
  • Because of Papaya’s unique benefit offers, businesses can provide ANY local benefit. (such as medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance, short term disability, meal cards, pension plans and more). Through Papaya’s broad range of perks, the employee feels more at peace knowing that the firm for which they work has their best interests at heart.
  • How does Papaya deal with payments?
    All monies are transferred through licenced third-party payment processors.
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