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Review of House of The Dragon, episode 9: All the devils are here, and the Hell is empty | Content on the Edge

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Review of House of The Dragon, episode 9: All the devils are here, and the Hell is empty

Episode 9 of House of the Dragon was brimming with tension, panic, and unpredictability; you never knew who may get their head chopped off or their body burned to cinders.

House of the Dragon is in disarray now that the King is no longer there.

Anything remotely comparable to Game of Thrones’ penultimate episodes is never supposed to be tranquil because, as we all know, humanity’s venom, intrigue, betrayal, and insidiousness usually burst forth like an uncontrollable dam.

The most recent episode of House of the Dragon, Episode 9, had everything, save for any specific moments of shock and awe that could compare to Ned Stark’s execution, which likewise set the stage for the first season.

There was so much suspense, anxiety, and unpredictability in Episode 9 that you never knew who may get their head chopped off or be reduced to cinders.

Everyone is attempting to play chess, some with trembling and anxious fingers without giving it any consideration, while others play the wrong pieces more logically.

Following the passing of King Viserys (Paddy Considine), the episode continues. Otto Hightower, his former close friend and Hand of the King, spares no time in expressing his sorrow because he has more serious concerns to attend to, such as planning to assassinate Viserys’ daughter Rhaenyra (Emma D’arcy), the successor to the throne, and imprisoning anybody who won’t swear fealty.

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Ser Criston is now a schemer as well, and as he kills Lord Beesbury in the council, who is horrified by the intentions to steal the crown and communicates his sputtering indignation, he reveals his bloodthirsty side. Oh no, not the best of times to be a kind person.

Rhaenyra and Daemon, meanwhile, are eerily missing in this episode, likely in anticipation of the truly bloody fight in the finale. Although Daemon’s icy brutality is much missed, there is still a lot going on in this story as Alicent Hightower searches for her aged and wicked son Aegon to crown him king and tries to prevent her father from butchering her ex-best friend.

Aaegon, who has fathered several children throughout the city and oversees an abominable child-fighting ring, is as unlikeable as characters from Game of Thrones can get.

Alicient brilliantly anchors this episode by stating what we’ve all been thinking: she was a blatant puppet in Otto Hightower’s schemes, which she may be regretting now. Her looks are filled with weariness and exhaustion as she tries to use her ability to speak against a world of cunning guys, but it’s not very effective. Queen Rhaenys, the Queen Who Never Was, is the second woman who emits the same magnetic pull over the programme.

She has been fiddling with people’s allegiance for some time, but she also wants it known that she will not be trifled with, as she demonstrates in the show’s climactic scenes. When Rhaenys enters with a dragon, Alicent and the rest of the troop quake in their boots. It nearly made me think that this would be the show’s turning point, when she would burn them all to death, but sadly, that doesn’t happen. She turns away after glaring at the lot with a chilly rage. It won’t be that simple for them, would it?

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When the morbidly stunning OST plays, you know that bad things are about to happen since it depicts the poisonous seeping tension in the realms in House of the Dragon Episode 9. It remains to be known who survives or perishes in the climax despite the episode’s well-suited use of gloom and shadows (there is literally no bright light of any kind).

Watch Video of Heavy Spoilers on House of Dragon Episode 9 Review.

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