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Poonam Pandey Death Fake News: Will She Be Arrested? Pretending to die will cost you dearly

Poonam Pandey Death Fake News: Will She Be Arrested

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Poonam Pandey Death Fake News: Will She Be Arrested? Pretending to die will cost you dearly.

Poonam Pandey Death Fake News:

The popular actress and model Poonam Pandey has recently made news. He had propagated false news about his own death, for which he may now be jailed.

Some Maharashtra MLAs have called for legal action against Poonam Pandey for disseminating false news.

Poonam Pandey case

Poonam Pandey’s death came as a shock to everyone. But the next day, he stunned everyone by posting a video of himself still alive. In the same video, he said that he disseminated the story to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

People have targeted Poonam Pandey as a result of this action. Celebrities, fans, and netizens are outraged with her for disseminating false (Poonam Pandey Death Fake News) information and deceiving people.

Poonam Pandey Death Fake News – Poonam Pandey is having difficulty faking her death.

Poonam Pandey is having difficulty faking her death. Western India Film Workers Union has requested that a formal apology be issued within 24 hours, or they would go on strike. Otherwise, he has advised against taking part in any shoot involving Poonam Pandey. Poonam had circulated the notion that he had died from cancer.

Poonam Pandey photo

Politicians want Poonam’s arrest.

After reports of Poonam Pandey’s death (Poonam Pandey Death Fake News) circulated, the film industry and political figures responded. Satyajit Tambe, a Maharashtra Legislative Assembly member (MLA), threatened legal action against Poonam while re-posting on X.

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FIR lodged against Poonam Pandey.

Mumbai lawyer Ali Kashif Khan has filed a case against Poonam Pandey. He accused Poonam Pandey of circulating rumors about his death. He stated that this is a severe crime, and that Poonam should face legal consequences.

In his lawsuit, he also mentions Poonam Pandey’s manager, Nikita Sharma, and the agency Hotterfly. He said that both of them are involved in the speculations surrounding Poonam Pandey.

He has sought that a case be filed under sections 417, 420, 120 B, and 24 of the IPC.

Poonam Pandey will be arrested

Many individuals denounced Poonam on social media.

On social media, Poonam Pandey’s followers and numerous cinema stars have termed it ‘disgusting’,’shameful’, and ‘cheap popularity’.

Some Celebrites and Officials said Poonam pandey will be arrested as soon as possible.

Social media users and Bollywood stars like as Pooja Bhatt, Sara Khan, Ali Goni, and Rahul Vaidya found this repulsive and harshly denounced Poonam for committing such a horrible deed against this sickness.

Pooja Bhatt, who had expressed sympathy over Poonam Pandey’s death, has erased her previous post.

Poonam Pandey 2

Pooja explained, “I never erase my tweets, but in this occasion I did. I was startled to learn about Poonam Pandey’s death due to cervical cancer. “Why did I do it?”

Poonam pandey fake stunt explanation
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