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Top 21 Blog and Youtube Channel Category Types for 2022–2023 | Content On The Edge

Top 21 Blog and Youtube Channel Category Types for 2022–2023 | Content On The Edge

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Top 21 Blog and Youtube Channel Category Types for 2022–2023

Top 21 Blog and Youtube Channel Category Types for 2022–2023

On the Internet, there are 700 million active blogs, or one-third of all published webpages. Over the past two decades, blogs, which originally served as online personal diaries, have undergone a significant evolution to become significant sources of information on almost any subject.

You can start a blog to connect with people, to inspire people, or to educate people. However, blogging is for more than simply your readers. Additionally, it’s for you. The satisfaction of expressing yourself in novel, digital ways is enormous. Finally, blogging can develop into a reliable source of income once you start expanding your readership. As your blog gains popularity, you may make money from it in a variety of ways, including banner ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.

Whatever your motivation, there is one unbreakable rule to remember: pick a subject that you are extremely enthusiastic about. After all, enthusiasm is contagious. Your ability to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions—and to enlist your readers in your journey—will improve the more invested you are in the subject.
We’ve condensed the list of the top 21 most common blog kinds with Content on the Edge Examples to assist you in getting started. We hope you’ll find a subject you’re passionate about and feel compelled to contribute to, whether it be food or fashion.

Best blog categories types to create:

  1. Travel websites
  2. Food blogs
  3. YouTube Music blogs
  4. Film and Movie blogs
  5. Blogs for books and writers
  6. Individual financial blogs
  7. Blogs for fashion and beauty
  8. Personal websites
  9. Company blogs
  10. Blogs for interior design
  11. Taking pictures blogs
  12. Religious blogs
  13. Government blogs
  14. News websites
  15. Blogs for DIY crafts
  16. Design and art blogs
  17. Blogs about health and fitness
  18. Blogs for parents on Parenting
  19. Living blogs
  20. Sports websites
  21. Community News for YouTubers
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Travel websites

We frequently conduct extensive research on Google and social media before booking a trip. Thus, there is a strong demand for reading reviews of other people’s travel experiences. If you like to travel, think about using this kind of outlet. An insider’s guide to local attractions might provide you inspiration for travelling to your own city, state, or country.

Whether it’s a specific hotel type (luxury hotels, hostels, etc.), a style of trip (backpacking, camping, etc.), or a region, we advise focusing on a travel niche. For instance, the author of Tales Of Israel publishes motivational books that are exclusive to the Holy Land. As a result, readers may believe that she is knowledgeable.

It’s true that practically every part of the earth has been written about, but they have not been written about by you, as Dave Grohl put it, and that is your power. People will see the places you go via your eyes. With an engaging About Me page, you can help people learn more about you and the reasons you enjoy travelling.

Some popular bloggers receive free hotel stays or even sponsored travel experiences in addition to the fame.

Subjects about which you may write:

Recommendations for locations

Activity schedules

local directories of lodging and dining

Food blogs

Food blogs come in a variety of styles. Then there are the food critics, who visit various restaurant tables while sampling various cuisines and recounting their experiences. On the other side, there are others who enjoy baking and cooking. They record their recipes, including the products they use and the procedures they adhere to, and then share them with their communities via articles, images, and videos.

There is a lot of competition for these types of blogs. In order to separate out from the crowd, many foodies have adopted a particular blog niche. One example is Wild Plant Food, which focuses exclusively on vegan cuisine. Be aware that the job has excellent benefits as well. Restaurants frequently provide complimentary meals to critics. If you’re more of a cook, you might find opportunities to work with food networks and create cookbooks.

Subjects about which you may write:


Reviews (restaurants, culinary products, fooding trends) (restaurants, culinary products, fooding trends)

Eating-well instructions

YouTube Music blogs

People are connected online and offline by music. On music blogs, musicians, fans, and reviewers congregate in the internet sphere to debate all facets of the artistic medium. Make Pop Music and other producers and musicians talk about songwriting and music production. People visit his blog to read about business tips from a reliable source. Musicians can post their work on blogs by using C.O.T.E’s No-Copyright Music and Audio.

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Choosing a particular genre, such as hip hop, rock, or country music, might help you stand out and become the readers’ go-to source if you fit into the category of music enthusiast or critic. Even though these blogs need a lot of research to stay current on song releases, artist news, and other information, they might just get you free VIP access to cover forthcoming, exclusive music events.

Subjects about which you may write:

charts for music

Technology for making music

News and reviews about artists, songs, and albums

Film and Movie blogs

Do you watch movies mostly for the popcorn or to evaluate the cinematography, storyline, and musical scores? If the latter applies to you, you might be prepared to be cast in the role of “movie blogger.”

Consider picking a certain movie genre when starting a film blog, like rom-coms, horror films, or classic films, like Jay’s Classic Movie Blog has done. You’ll see that Jay adhered to best practise by utilising lots of photographs in his blog. Because movie fans are mostly visual, these blogs should include videos and high-quality images to keep readers interested.

Subjects about which you may write:

Future films and trailers

reviews written by fans


Blogs for books and writers

Dedicated readers and writers don’t merely bury themselves in books. They can also be found on literature blogs where they share writing advice, debate book summaries and reviews, and ask grammar and style-related problems. However, they don’t all arrive there in the end. These writing and book blogs frequently distinguish between fiction and nonfiction.

On their websites, some writers even sell their published works or provide copywriting services. If you don’t yet have experience writing professionally, you can start a blog by discussing current novels you’ve read, much like World of Words has. See our detailed instructions on how to create a book blog here.

Subjects about which you may write:

Writing advice

Reviews and suggestions for books

Interviewing writers

Individual financial blogs

Great power entails enormous responsibility. You should inform and educate your audience with the most accurate money-saving advice as a personal finance blogger. Making Cents of Finance has established its credibility and gained a sizable audience by assisting readers with their urgent inquiries regarding investing, credit cards, and retirement.

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Before concentrating on monetization strategies, experts on finance blogs stressed the need of first establishing credibility and cultivating relationships. There are no quick fixes, and trust-building might take time. The greatest place to start is with relatable advice that can be followed. Do you have any important financial lessons you can use for your first post?

Subjects about which you may write:

Debt and loans



Blogs for fashion and beauty

Similar to language, clothing allows us to express ourselves. There are almost as many fashion blogs as there are fashionistas in the globe, which is not surprising. Others focus on luxury, while others are about streetwear, and some even have recycled material as their area of expertise. They all include clothing ideas, trend updates, and expert opinions. On instance, Haily Allison Styles provides her readers with helpful tips for colour schemes and seasonality trends.

Although fashion blogs require a lot of labour, they can be rewarded with invitations to prestigious events and fashion shows. There are yet more benefits. Free cosmetics and apparel are frequently given away in exchange for advertising. If any of these advantages appeal to you, you may start by putting together a striking ensemble, snapping a photo of it, and explaining why you chose to combine that particular pieces and hues together. Think about including a link to the used stuff. Readers might desire to copy and purchase your style.

Subjects about which you may write:

vogue trends

Inspirations for the day’s outfit (#ootd)

product evaluations

Personal websites

By referencing personal experiences and viewpoints, you can unleash your inner storyteller on a personal blog. When you write content, it will likely be written in the first person and may resemble a journal entry. You have the option of writing about a variety of subjects or focusing on your hobbies. Make your blog unique and ensure that it accurately reflects your personality and your blog’s objectives as you develop it.

Choose a domain name with your name in it to help make your blog distinctive and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. For instance, LiveByDanielle established a brand around herself by putting her name in the title of her site. To be more approachable and sympathetic to her readers while writing about travel, food, and fashion, she incorporates personal anecdotes.

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There are countless potential for uniqueness and innovation in these blogs. All it requires is your unique touch.

Subjects about which you may write:

Personal narratives

daily routine and hobbies

a person’s growth

Company blogs

Many of the world’s most successful CEOs and businesspeople credit their success to the constant reading they do. Where do they go to stay current? Many professionals use business blogs to hone their subject-matter expertise, find the newest information, and become aware of the problems confronting a certain industry. For instance, Everything Business publishes articles about the constantly evolving business environment every two weeks.

Other business bloggers, including those who write about B2B marketing, concentrate more intently on a single activity. They can sell gated e-books to consumers looking for more in-depth instructions by positioning themselves as industry experts.

Choose the voice you will use based on who your audience is and the subject of your writing. Will it be lighthearted and enjoyable or more formal and academic? Once you have your distinctive strategy, readers will want to bookmark you and return to learn more.

Subjects about which you may write:

commercial trends

Interview business authorities

market research

Blogs for interior design

Did the expression “Home sweet home” originate with interior designers? So, we wouldn’t be shocked. Bloggers who specialise in home design offer advice on how to decorate homes and businesses using wall art, furniture, and accessories. Designers like Lux Living Weekly provide online design workshops when they are not adorning a real area. Selling decor items and providing interior design services are also common in this neighbourhood.

Instead of trying to be a “jack of all crafts,” think about becoming an expert. Many bloggers who specialise in interior design have found success, whether they are designing nurseries, bachelor pads, or studios. Do you have an idea of a specialty you’d like to specialise in? With time, you can strive toward achieving this. Always begin with the knowledge you already possess. Post before-and-after pictures and describe your style and colour selections if you’ve designed a place that you can show off.

Subjects about which you may write:

Design manuals

Decorating ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms

Ideas for particular holidays or seasons

Taking pictures blogs

A good image is worth a thousand blog posts (written). Perhaps not 1,000, but there’s no denying that people are interested in the story behind your gorgeous photographs. In addition to showcasing your most recent work on your photography blog, you can draw new clients to your services, workshops, or gallery.

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Along with potential clients visiting your blog, other photographers and peers might also be interested in learning from your experience, including the camera and settings you employed.

Subjects about which you may write:

Ideas for photo shoots by genre (nature, portrait, fashion, etc.)

Reviews of photographic tools and software

Tips and strategies for photo editing

Religious blogs

Around the world, 84% of people identify as religious. This figure illustrates the wide audience that faith bloggers can reach with their online religious content. Some bloggers who identify as religious select a more specialised niche, such as limiting their spiritual topics to marriage, gender, children, or even business.

For instance, Christian blogger Scouting Grace infuses the subject of faith into her daily activities. Through a lifestyle faith blog, she uses personal experiences to make her religion understandable and approachable. Testimonials are included in podcasts and interviews since religion may be a deeply personal subject to help bring people’s experiences to life.

Is there a specific moment in your life that increased your faith? Think about using that narrative for your first blog article. Additionally, keep Pinterest in mind as a promotion channel after the article has been published because it has been noted to be a significant source of conversion for blogs on religion.

Subjects about which you may write:

everyday verses and prayers

inspiring individual narratives

customs and procedures

Government blogs

Politics discussion is appropriate in some settings but not in others. A political blog is a certain secure space to do this. Writing a political blog can allow you the flexibility to be as controversial or biassed as you like, whether you’re a conservative or a liberal.

For instance, the Bipartisan Feminist Project discusses issues like abortion while focusing on women’s rights. Their blog promotes feminism and awareness of gender inequity. You can add a “get involved” section to your blog and use it as a catalyst for change.

Do you have a cause that you are fervently committed to? Maybe the US Congress, immigration, or environmentalism are your callings. Simply ask yourself which subjects you naturally gravitate into discussing. Assigning categories to your material after choosing a theme and launching your blog can help viewers easily traverse your website and find the most pertinent sections they’re looking for.

Subjects about which you may write:

news about politics and elections

Defend or denounce political figures or initiatives

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Defend social justice

News websites

Today, independent blogs are another place where news is published on in addition to TV, radio, and major media. News articles keep readers informed and current on important issues at the local, national, and even international levels.

By way of a social commentary, MaxNewsToday has decided to concentrate on national news. It is advised to start with local news to achieve a more specialised audience and specialisation.

By selecting themes that are SEO-friendly, this type of blog can be optimised to the best of its ability. To ascertain what urgent concerns people are searching for, use trend tracking tools like Google Trends. You can submit posts to news press releases once you’ve completed this phase and have some content under your belt to assist your blog achieve greater momentum.

Subjects about which you may write:



Entrepreneurship and business

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Blogs for DIY crafts

Not sure if there is a market for do-it-yourself craftspeople online? The success of Esty and Pinterest ought to reassure you differently. DIY makers create distinctive objects using elements including cloth, metal, wood, and sewing.

Blogging is an effective way to engage readers because DIY projects need many steps. Make sure you are very organised and logical when communicating. Include videos and several step-by-step photographs to aid visual learners in following along. Happy Bankky Crafty Mom accomplished this by smoothly integrating videos from her YouTube channel into her blog entries.

We’ve seen some inspiration now, so choose your first project. Do you have anything you recently created that you felt compelled to share? Recreate it and note every step you take.

Subjects about which you may write:

Home furnishings

papers crafts

sewing initiatives

Design and art blogs

Consider a blog on art or design as an extension of your imagination. No matter what kind of artistic media you choose, you can create a “digital museum” to showcase your work.

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Creators like the Revolutionary Artist use blogs to share their ideas and show off their collectibles and urban art. But blogs about art or design aren’t simply for showing off and talking about artwork. To help other creatives who are interested in learning new talents, think about creating your own tutorials and courses.

Make sure to include your credentials and noteworthy experiences in your About Me section if you want to aid in enrolling more motivated students.

Subjects about which you may write:

History of the artwork

tutorials in design and art

interviewing artists

Blogs about health and fitness

Exercise more and lose weight are the two most popular New Year’s resolutions. But only 5% of adults engage in 30 minutes of daily physical activity. How about providing your readers with a little additional motivation? Blogging is a fantastic method to share your expertise on healthy food and at-home exercise routines.

Make a list of your own routines and habits to start, then transform them into step-by-step instructions in guides. People expect to discover videos on these types of blogs for obvious reasons, so getting a good camera is something to think about when you start.

Starting a blog about sports and wellness can be the start of a very successful journey. You can utilise a scheduling programme to attract more clients by imitating the strategies used by qualified personal trainers and dietitians like Nora Minno. Other blogs also market diet cookbooks, vitamins, workout gear, and workout guidelines.

Subjects about which you may write:

Exercise regimens

weight loss instructions

recipes and special diets (Keto, Paleo, low-calorie meals)

Blogs for parents on Parenting

Even after thousands of years of practise, parenting remains the most demanding profession in the world. Because of this, new parents frequently turn to blogs for guidance and assistance.

Laura Gimbert, who has more than 117,000 Instagram followers, is a very popular mom blogger. She discusses every element of motherhood on her blog, Mom Boss Life, without holding back, from the postpartum bodily changes and recuperation to some crucial time management advice.

Laura struck the mark by alternating in-depth articles (also known as “pillar posts” in the blogging lingo) that address issues her readers are having with new and amusing “we’ve all been here” shorter ones. This editorial style is undoubtedly a great way to go if you’re interested in launching a parenting blog.

Unsurprisingly, parenting blogs are replete with posts recommending toys and accessories for young children. After all, parents enjoy buying things for their young relatives and may not have the time to compare all the available possibilities. Here is where your knowledge will be useful. Remember to add some affiliate links to Amazon or other online stores so you can monetise your blog as you review the products in-depth and with as much detail as you can.

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Subjects about which you may write:

parenting hints and suggestions

reviews and suggestions for baby toys, clothing, and food

management of child behaviour

Living blogs

Blogs about lifestyle are the new magazines. Today, instead of flipping through pages to find inspiration, we scroll. Multimedia material is created by lifestyle bloggers and is based on their daily activities. In order to engage their audience and demonstrate their competence, these types of blogs frequently use vlogs (video blogs). Later on, these bloggers frequently work as micro-influencers with brands.

Laura Baross, for instance, focuses on sustainable architecture and design. Her hobbies and viewpoints are diverse, ranging from compostable toothbrushes to secondhand clothing. Even if you don’t consider yourself an environmentalist, there is probably something about your lifestyle that inspires others.

Subjects about which you may write:

Daily activities and hobbies in eating, home décor, and fashion


Personal counsel and lessons

Sports websites

There are 9,000 different sports, giving you a wide range of alternatives when creating these kinds of websites. You can either focus on a single sport or include a variety of them (just not all 8,000). In Kollege Sports, the author largely concentrates on collegiate basketball and football.

Choose a team or athlete for your first post after deciding on your sports category. You may also discuss the origins of the sport or physical activity and the reasons why you think they have become so popular. Consider launching a podcast and including it in your sports coverage if you are more of a talker than a writer.

Make sure your material is worthwhile and compelling by providing your own perspective on themes to increase your readership or listenership. To gain readers’ trust, try linking to other trustworthy sports websites. Being respectable and demonstrating your research will hopefully encourage readers to return to your blog.

Subjects about which you may write:

stats and game summaries

news relevant to athletes

future draughts

Community News for YouTubers

These days, YouTube is a crucial platform. Currently, the most reliable website for creators is YouTube. On this site, there are a tonne of “youtubers,” or content producers. Starting a news blog for all the YouTubers you can cover on your own with original content is possible.

As people are eager to learn more about their favourite YouTubers, this blog has the potential to expand quickly.

Subjects about which you may write:

Many YouTubers from the community enjoy gaming, comedy, news, information, and fitness.

The Daily Lives of Popular YouTubers

Worth and earnings statistics for these YouTubers

Watch Video below on How to Select Youtube Channel Category by We Make Creators and Follow.

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