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After being released from prison, Shrikant Tyagi Gaalibaaj Neta returns home, and his wife wishes him a happy Diwali | REPORTOCOTE

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After being released from prison, Shrikant Tyagi returns home, and his wife wishes him a happy Diwali.

The Tyagi community, which organised a meeting in his support on August 29 and urged an impartial investigation into his detention, was praised for their “endless support” by Shrikant Tyagi’s wife Anu minutes before his release.

Hours after receiving his release orders from the Surajpur court, Shrikant Tyagi was released by the Luksar jail on Thursday evening.

A little more than two months after his dramatic detention by the Uttar Pradesh police from Meerut on August 9, Shrikant Tyagi, the 34-year-old self-described politician who was detained on suspicion of harassing and abusing a woman at a housing society in Noida, walked out of Luksar jail and arrived home on Thursday evening.

The Allahabad High Court on Monday granted Tyagi bail. Only on Thursday did the Surajpur court issue a release order.

The parole order arrived at the Luksar jail in Gautam Budh Nagar on Thursday morning, according to Arun Pratap Singh, the institution’s superintendent. “The Surajpur trial court issued a release order to the jail after receiving the bail order issued by the high court. After finishing all the paperwork, Tyagi was released at 6.30 p.m., the source said.

Following his release, Tyagi was led by his followers to his residence in Noida’s Grand Omaxe neighbourhood in Sector 93B.

Anu, Tyagi’s wife, expressed her joy at the news. “We appreciate the Tyagi community’s never-ending assistance. When he gets home, we’ll give candy to all of our fans. Since we will be celebrating Diwali with him, it would be meaningful for me and my children, she remarked.

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On August 29, the Tyagi community organised a mahapanchayat in Noida in support of Shrikant Tyagi, claiming that he had been arrested on spurious allegations.

A mahapanchayat member from the Tyagi community named Dharmendra Tyagi said, “We are glad about Tyagi’s release and this would decrease the sorrow among the community. However, we continue to urge an impartial investigation of the incident.

The Allahabad high court heard a lawsuit against the Noida authority’s anti-encroachment campaign earlier in the day that was brought by 125 Grand Omaxe society residents. The high court ordered all parties to maintain the present situation until the November 1 hearing date.

Justices Manoj Kumar Gupta and Jayant Banerji, sitting as a two-judge panel, also ordered the developer of the high-rise society to show up in court for the subsequent hearing. The Noida authorities responded to the petition by stating that their action was intended to remove illegal construction done by group housing society bottom floor tenants.

Akhilesh Misra and Nayab Ahmad Khan, the petitioners’ attorneys, announced that they would file a rejoinder to the Noida authority’s reply before the next hearing date because the authority had continued with the demolition project despite the court’s emergency hearing and orders to stop work right away.

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