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Tata Tiago best price EV Launched | Features of the Tata Tiago EV’s XE, XT, XZ+, and XZ+ Tech Lux models

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Tata Tiago best price EV Launched | Features of the Tata Tiago EV’s XE, XT, XZ+, and XZ+ Tech Lux models

Even though it is reasonably priced, the Tata Tiago EV is packed with a wide variety of high-tech amenities.

Launching an electric vehicle for less than ten lakh rupees was a difficult task, but Tata Motors has succeeded in doing so. The starting pricing for the Tiago EV is Rs 8.49 lakh. The Tiago EV’s highest-specified model costs Rs 11.79 lakh. These are exclusive offers that are only good for the first 10,000 clients. The base edition will nevertheless continue to be accessible for under Rs 10 lakh, even if costs are changed. The Tiago EV comes in four different trim levels: XE, XT, XZ+, and XZ+ Tech Lux. The variations are further divided into groups based on range and charger type. A 250 km range is provided by the Medium Range option, which is offered with the XE and XT models. For trims XT and higher, there is a long range option with a 315 km range. Customers who choose a 7.2 kW charger must pay extra fees. Here are the features of the Tiago EV’s four trim levels.

Features of Tiago EV XE

The Tiago EV XE model comes equipped with amenities such a body-colored bumper, electric power steering, automatic climate control, and a digital instrument panel. All the necessary components of the safety kit are there, however follow-me-home headlights and camera-based reverse park assist with dynamic guideways are not included.

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All Tiago EV models, including the XE, come with connectivity features, which is fantastic. Smart watch connectivity is the only connectivity option absent from the Tiago EV XE version. Range for the XE version is only 250 km because there is only a 19.2 kWh battery pack available. The XE variant’s major flaw is its utter lack of infotainment functions. There are no speakers, a touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, FM, or USB ports.

Features of Tiago EV XT

The only model that offers both 19.2 kWh and 24 kWh battery pack options is the Tiago EV XT. Power windows, prismatic IRVMs, and electrically adjustable ORVMs with auto fold are among the features. Contrary to the XE model, the Tiago XT variant includes a 7-inch touchscreen among its complete complement of infotainment capabilities. Four tweeters are the only infotainment function that is absent.

The same connectivity options as top-spec models are offered. Only camera-based rear park assist is lacking in the safety sector for the Tiago EV XT. The Tiago EV XT can be an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget.

Features of the Tiago EV XZ+

People who seek a quick charging option for their Tiago EV can start with this model. There is an additional price of Rs 50k for the 7.2 kWh fast charger. The 7.2 AC fast charger can do the same task in just 3.6 hours as opposed to the 3.3 kW home charger, which needs 6.4 hours to charge from 10% to 100%.

Most of the features offered by the top-spec model are also present in the Tiago EV XZ+. When compared to the XT model, the Tiago EV XZ+ appears to be a worthwhile improvement at Rs 80k more.

Features of Tiago EV Tech Lux

In comparison to the XZ+, the Tiago EV Tech Lux model includes the same set of features for comfort, entertainment, safety, and connection on the inside and out. Tata Tiago EV Tech Lux, on the other hand, has a few unique amenities, like a contrast black roof, leatherette seat upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, push-button start, and an electric tailgate release. This option is reportedly for people who dislike making concessions.

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