East Pakistan was the name of the nation that is now Bangladesh when India was divided in 1947

With around 260,000,000 native speakers, Hindi ranks fourth among all first languages

According to Greek and Roman legend, the lotus tree produced a delectable fruit that would make those who ate it sluggish and uninterested in life

The third rail, a metaphor for political concerns so charged that touching them would end a political career, is a charged track that powers electric trains and subways

While working on a team to construct the first mobile internet system, Shigetaka Kurita invented the emoji

Following a 1971 court ruling, the ban on men working as flight attendants was lifted

The oldest goldfish ever observed lived for 43 years

Since the two primary rotors of a dual rotor helicopter spin in opposite directions, a tail rotor is not necessary

Julie Andrews made her feature film début with Mary Poppins (1964), for which she earned the Academy Award for Best Actress